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Criminal Law
When you are charged with a criminal offense, it could significantly impact your future. Charges of this nature are very serious and should require the assistance of a criminal attorney. In the state of California, criminal convictions can affect you long after you have paid your penalties. Finding a way to remove or reduce those penalties can be helped by a criminal attorney at the Law Offices of Jesus Zuniga.
Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients who have faced all kinds of criminal charges. We continue to represent clients in the following areas of criminal practice:
  • Theft - This kind of crime can be defined as theft by larceny, false pretense, embezzlement, or trick. These classifications fall under either grand theft or petty theft, which usually determines the severity of a sentence.
  • Burglary - California law defines burglary as entering some structure with the intention of stealing some property. However, a guilty verdict can only be rendered if it is proven that the defendant intended to commit a felony upon entering that structure.
  • Robbery - This involves taking the personal property of someone else against their will. There are many defenses that can be used in burglary cases as the prosecution must prove a defendant used force and had no right to claim that property.
  • Drug Crimes - These crimes cover a wide span of charges ranging from misdemeanor possession to possession with the intent to distribute. More lenient penalties are usually offered to non-violent offenders while the transportation for the sale of drugs carries stiffer sentences.
  • Assault - There are different levels of assault ranging from simple assault to aggravated assault. A common defense in most assault cases is self-defense. When found guilty of assault charges, fines and jail time could be rather significant in the state of California.
  • Domestic Violence - This kind of charge is applied to any kind of violence against one's spouse, family member, child, or significant other. There does not have to be serious injury for this type of charge to be filed and coming up with a strategic domestic violence defense is a priority for those accused of such a crime.
  • Restraining Orders - When someone's safety is jeopardized, a restraining order will need to be filed and only a court can grant that order. Violations of that restraining will need to be proved by the prosecutor as there are quite a few finer points involved.
  • Expungements - Having a previous charge hanging over you can affect your employment status and cause a number of other problems. Getting a past conviction expunged could do wonders for your future, although it will take a criminal attorney to lead you through that process.
  • When it's time to hire a criminal defense attorney, look to Zuniga Law Offices to see you through the process. Our long-standing service that combines integrity and excellence is available to clients facing criminal charges in Lancaster, Palmdale, and Canyon Country.
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