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DUI is a common offense in the state of California, but it is also a serious one. Those facing DUI charges could experience a loss of license, fines, and potential jail time. Hiring the right DUI attorney could make all the difference when it comes to fighting the charges against you or receiving reduced penalties. The effects of a DUI conviction could also follow you around for quite a few years. That's why it is critical to have a qualified DUI lawyer working to minimize your penalties.
The Law Offices of Jesus Zuniga is home to attorneys who are well versed in all the details involved in DUI charges. Having accumulated a vast amount of experience in local courtrooms, one of our attorneys can recommend the best possible strategy for your case.
Being charged with a DUI does not automatically mean you are guilty. There are several steps involved in an arrest for Driving Under the Influence. One mistake, miscalculation or oversight by law enforcement could lead to your charges being dropped altogether. A drunk driving attorney at Zuniga Law Offices will go over every last detail in your case, looking for all possible ways to have your charges dismissed. Some instances that could lead to a dismissal of your charges are as follows:
  • Police officer's failure to follow proper procedure
  • Error or contamination in DUI blood testing
  • False BAC reading due to equipment malfunction or medical condition
  • Blood sample improperly stored
  • Inaccurate field sobriety tests
  • Radio frequency interference in breath tests
  • One of our attorneys will deconstruct every part of your arrest and look for any signs of improper procedure. You are entitled to a sound defense and every client facing a DUI charge is innocent until proven guilty. It is our job to look for every way to prove your innocence.
    We also handle DUI cases that involve drivers being under the influence of illegal drugs. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana or another substance, we can work to reduce your penalties. Our attorneys can also attempt to negotiate getting you a restricted driver's license which would enable you to drive to and from work, even if you are found guilty of a DUI.
    Those who undergo the traumatic experience of being arrested for Driving Under the Influence is left with a lot of guesswork. Having an attorney by your side will make the process more endurable while all your questions and concerns will be handled with promptness and care. You don't have to go through this process alone as help is only a phone call away.
    If you are facing a DUI charge in Lancaster, CA, contact one of the experienced attorneys at Zuniga Law Offices. We also serve clients facing charges in Palmdale and Canyon Country. Give yourself the best possible means for the defense with the help of one of our qualified lawyers.
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