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Do not settle your motorcycle accident for less than you are entitled
Motorcycle accidents involve serious and catastrophic injuries. In addition to being reimbursed for medical care you have already received, and lost wages you have incurred in the past, California law allows for recovery of future medical care and future wage loss. If you settle your case without knowing what the future may hold, you may not receive everything you are entitled. You cannot reopen the case and ask for additional damages after it has settled. That is why it is extremely important to hire our office so that we can interview your treating physicians and establish the reasonable costs for lifetime medical care.
Lost wages in the future must not be underestimated. If your injury will keep you from working into the future, an expert economist may be necessary to calculate what you would have earned if the accident never happened.
What do I do to help my case?
Do not give a recorded statement to anyone. Typically, recorded interviews do nothing more than give the insurance company a statement to use against the motorcycle rider in a lawsuit. The information in a recorded statement can be obtained just as easily without a recording so an injured rider should always refuse to allow a statement to be recorded.

Do not let the police officer or insurance adjuster say you are partially at fault for assuming the risk of riding a motorcycle. The officer's opinion many times is inadmissible in a civil trial. A motorcycle operator is negligent only if he or she fails to do what an ordinary motorcycle operator in the same or similar situation would have done. Just getting on a motorcycle is what every motorcycle operator does so that in and of itself cannot constitute negligence.

It is extremely important to preserve the evidence. The driver that causes the accident many times says he or she did not see the motorcycle. When an accident happens at night, the filament in the motorcycle’s head light can be examined to prove it was working. It is extremely important the head light is examined before it is repaired or altered.

If the evidence is preserved, a motorcycle accident reconstruction expert can prove the accident was not your fault. The motorcycle accident reconstruction expert will examine and photograph all the vehicles and roadway involved in the accident. The direction in which scratches appear on the bike or roadway can prove how the accident actually happened. Time and distance calculations many times are able to prove there was not enough time for the motorcycle driver to stop before the impact.
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